Student Life

Hard Work, Determination, Dedication, and Discipline. Repeat.

Student Life is enriching, engaging, empowering, and rewarding. One of the major aims of E3 Preparatory and Leadership Academy is to create balanced and well-rounded future leaders with strong integrity and character who excel against all odds. E3 has created a broad array of opportunities for student involvement allowing each student to find his or her area of interest and strengthen the skills needed to flourish as a contributing member of society. Programs and activities are designed to build character through high expectations and a commitment to self, others, and the community. Students may be engaged in student counsel, honor groups, civic service, book clubs, and athletics.

Outcomes include:

  • Strengthened critical thinking skills
  • Ability to navigate successfully in a collaborative and competitive environment
  • Enhanced emotional intelligence
  • Leadership capabilities
  • Deep and meaningful relationships
  • Life skills
  • Recognition of the importance of mentors and role models for success

Student Enrichment

Our enriched educational program entails the following components to empower our students to be leaders and influencers in their community:


Project-Based Learning

Project-Based Learning seeks to engage students in realistic, thought-provoking problems. While exploring real world problems and challenges, students are engaged in serious thinking and problem solving. This is a dynamic teaching approach inspiring students to obtain a deeper understanding of the subject.

Civic Engagement and Leadership

Civic Engagement and Leadership provides an opportunity for our students to become aware of social ills and work towards curing them. We believe our students have a responsibility to the community in which they live. Civic engagement and leadership contributes to a well-rounded, knowledgeable, and compassionate future leader. Outcomes include: critical thinking, leadership, empathy, relationship-building, problem-solving, teamwork, and collaborative partnerships.

What’s Your X Factor?

What’s Your X Factor? is designed to help students uncover their hidden strengths, gifts, and talents so they can maximize their potential and performance. A discovery process and assessment tools are leveraged to assist students in gaining clarity on the reason why they are here.

Success Principles

Success Principles has a laser-like focus on providing students with the key skills necessary to excel as a productive member of society. Students are taught the fundamentals of success including: striving towards self-improvement, building successful relationships, transforming your thinking, and more.

Career Exploration

A fulfilling career begins with doing what you love. Students are provided with resources to help connect their interests, gifts, talents, and passions to a fulfilling career. Students are provided with opportunities to learn about careers of which they may not have been previously aware.

Career Counseling

Career Counseling affords students an opportunity to: explore potential careers, research career options, obtain information relating academic majors to career choices, evaluate career outlook data, and set realistic career goals providing each student with the opportunity to make a well-informed career decision

Career Services

Services include: assessments, career planning, resume writing and critiquing, mock interviewing, internship and job search preparation.  We also offer career-related workshops topics such as: Resume Writing, Behavior Interviews, Interview Panels, Corporate Attire, Negotiating Job/Salary Offers, and Proper Etiquette.

Excellence Academy

Admission into the Excellence Academy is competitive. Members of the Excellence Academy go above and beyond the standards set at E3 Preparatory and Leadership Academy.

Requirements for Admission:

Candidates for admission must fulfill at least two of the following criteria:

  • Commitment to Personal Development
  • Mentoring Other Youth
  • Volunteering Five Hours or More Per Month
  • Participation in Extra-Curricular Activities or a Employment While Maintaining Grades and Character
  • Taking the College Entrance Exams and/or Participating in a Study Group to Prepare for College Entrance Exam
  • Maintaining 3.0 GPA or above and Excellent Conduct
  • Upper 10% of Graduating Class

Minimum of Three Recommendations:

  • One must be a member of the community and
  • One must be a Professional Educator with whom you are affiliated at school (Ex. Educator, Coach, Sponsor).
  • Third person can be any respectable adult within the community

Consideration for acceptance in the Excellence Academy includes an interview as well as an essay.

A Graduate of E3 Preparatory and Leadership Academy is:

  • a student of promise
  • an emotionally intelligent person
  • an independent and critical thinker
  • a lifelong learner
  • a responsible citizen
  • a leader of strength and resilience
  • a high achiever
  • a calculated risk-taker
  • a person of strong moral character
  • an inquisitive person
  • a person who demonstrates: initiative, assertiveness, and takes advantage of opportunities presented


The Ideal Eagle

The Ideal Eagle is a student who is committed to the tenets of E3 Preparatory and Leadership Academy, which include:  Determination, Dedication, Discipline, and Hard Work.  This is someone who exhibits strong character and leadership, while maintaining a high standard of excellence for him or herself.  The Ideal Eagle embodies respect for self and others and is committed to service.

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