Why E3?

E3 was created to meet a need in the community.  As a former educator, Sharalyn felt the educational system was not fully preparing our students to succeed outside of the academic environment.  To compete successfully, there were fundamental life skills that needed to be mastered.  Many of those skills and key principles can only be learned outside of the classroom.  The premise behind E3 is to create a place where students can learn, practice, and employ the skills required to excel as a successful and contributing member of society. We see the students of E3 shining bright as a light, drawing others to them because they are both a motivation and inspiration.  We see our students reaching their full potential, not holding back the fullness of who they are so that others are comfortable, but embracing their intellect, talents, gifts and strengths.  E3 Preparatory and Leadership Academy is here to play a part in the journey of success for so many young people who will go on to positively change the world in which we live.

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E3 Preparatory and Leadership Academy Facts at a Glance


Chair of the Board: Sharalyn Payne, Ed.S., M.Ed., SPHR, CPLP, SHRM-SCP, Founder Board Member: Erica Davis, B.S., Board Member: Dawana Tatum, A.A., Board Member: Shondra Van Buren, M.B.A, B.B.A, APSD Board Member: Angela Overton, M.S., B.S. Board Member: Phrieda Liggins

About the Program
  • Founded in 2014 by Sharalyn Payne
  • A Non-Profit Life Skills enrichment program focusing on Key Success Principles supplemented with an enhanced focus on Civic Engagement, Character Education, and Leadership
  • Serving youth in grades 9-12 as well as young adults
  • Principles
  • Mascot: Eagle
  • Colors: Purple and Navy
  • Motto: Hard Work. Discipline. Determination. Dedication. Repeat.
  • Project-Based Learning
  • Spirit of academic excellence
  • Strong emphasis on developing character, values, leadership and self-reliance
  • Career Exploration and Strength Identification
  • Enriched learning experiences and collaborative opportunities in the arts, community service, and social environments.
Student Life
  • Our students devote on average more than 40 hands-on hours individually to the community during their high school years, demonstrating that “serving others” is a way of life.
  • A number of clubs and activities have been created to facilitate the building of future leaders with strong character and integrity.
  • E3 works with local and national community organizations to enhance the skills of our future leaders as well as to facilitate their growth and development.

At E3, We Master the Fundamentals:

Fundamental #1 – Show You Care

Students need love, care, attention, structure, and discipline.

Fundamental #2 – Instill Success Principles

Hard work.  Determination.  Discipline.   Dedication.  Repeat.

Fundamental #3 – Always Empower

Provide students with the tools, skills, and resources to solve problems instead of solving problems for them. Embrace teachable moments.

Fundamental #4 – Be Present

Provide your undivided attention when serving students.  Display genuine interest.

Fundamental #5 – Create a Safe Learning Environment

Create an environment conducive for enriched learning experiences.

If we can master these fundamentals, we will have: enriched the lives of our students, empowered them to flourish, and provided a platform for them to excel.

E3 Preparatory and Leadership Academy
P.O. Box 191691 | Dallas, TX 75219 | info@e3pla.org

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