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Life management skills are essential for today’s youth to experience the quality of life they so deserve.  Each course in E3 Preparatory and Leadership Academy’s Course Catalog is designed to provide youth and young adults with the tools and resources to excel in all of their endeavors. Courses are created to facilitate the growth and development of students during their most critical learning years.  E3’s curriculum provides each learner with the skills needed to successfully navigate in diverse environments.  

The Socratic Method is leveraged to promote students’ critical thinking and inquiry skills. Interactive courses are designed to prepare our future to: think and act responsibly, create a vision for their lives, set and attain goals, maximize potential, operate in positions of influence and leadership, make a resounding impact on the community, respect themselves and others, and increase their personal and professional effectiveness.   

Here is the latest listing of course offerings designed to lay a sturdy foundation of success for our students of promise.  Click the drop-down box to view more information for each course.

*Please note courses are not displayed in the order of instruction.

Trusting Your Instincts

There is a small voice that lives within that seeks to guide and protect you. Trusting your instincts can be the difference between life and death and success and temporary defeat or failure. Students will learn the importance of not ignoring or discrediting the voice that is there to enlighten.

Vision and Goal-Setting

Students will learn the importance of having a vision. Students will be able to set attainable milestone and goals, which yield results.

Getting Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

The need to be comfortable at all times can be a hindrance to growth and success. Students will discover how living outside of their comfort zone can lead to a fulfilling life and even a competitive edge.

Taking Risks

Life is all about taking risks. Students are taught to take calculated risks, which can be the difference between a lackluster and a successful life. We will look at how risk-taking can lead to a world of possibilities.

Personal Development

Successful people are committed to personal development. The ability to grow, develop, and stretch one’s self is imperative to future success. Students will explore the importance of working more on one’s self than spending time assessing others.

Order of Success

There is a proper order of success and what you put first really does matter. We will look at the order and importance of institutions in life.

First Things First

Students will learn how to: stay focused, properly assess priorities, and manage time wisely.

Money Matters

Students will learn financial matters such as: managing a checking account, saving, investing, purchasing a home, establishing and maintaining credit, and more.

Taking Initiative

Acting without direct instruction sets you apart from others. Students will explore how to demonstrate initiative and will create an action plan to apply the skills learned.




In Self-Motivation, we will examine the various methods students can apply to motivate themselves to go after their goals.

Maximizing Your Strengths

Powerful in purpose is not an easy feat. Students will discover and uncover their strengths and learn how to embrace their strengths so they can maximize their potential.


The ability to work successfully and collaboratively with others is essential for professional success and successful relationships. Students will be enriched on why teamwork is important and the implications of not being a team player.

Critical and Independent Thinking Skills

Students will learn how to properly assess and analyze situations to effectively problem solve. We will learn how to examine and re-examine a problem or situation to arrive at an independent conclusion based upon facts. Students will look at situations from various angles and articulate why they have a certain belief.

Decision-Making Skills

Students will evaluate the decisions they are forced to make. We will learn how one decision can change the trajectory of one’s life. Students will be able to apply a Decision-Making model to make sound decisions.

Developing Successful Habits

Success doesn’t happen by accident. It is a series of successful habits demonstrated on a regular basis. Students will explore what it takes to achieve success.

Communication Skills - Written

Students will learn how to write to be understood as well as the advantages and disadvantages of written communication. We will also ensure writing is clear, concise, and succinct.

Communication Skills - Oral

Students will learn how to speak to be heard, clarify meaning, and verify information to minimize understandings and wasted time. Students will also learn how to communicate assertively and properly voice their opinions.

Conflict Resolution

Sometimes, conflict is necessary and cannot be avoided. Students will explore how to avoid unnecessary conflict. Students will also employ a model to resolve conflicts successfully.


It’s not what you know sometimes, but who you know. Students will learn the importance of networking, strategies to connect with others, and techniques to building a network which can be leveraged for personal or professional satisfaction.

Managing Your Image

Students will discover the secrets needed to manage how others perceive them. Students will learn how to make a positive first impression as well as a lasting impression. This class will teach students how to manage both their face-to-face interactions as well as their social media presence. Course will also include dress and grooming.

Managing Relationships (Personal and Professional)

Students will learn how to build and maintain relationships. Students will uncover how the way we view and treat others can have an impact on the success and vitality of a relationship. Students will explore the characteristics necessary to build and maintain successful personal and business relationships.

Ingenuity (Creativity, Imagination, and Innovation)

The Ingenuity course is designed to spark students’ interest on how they can use their imaginations and creativity to make a difference for themselves and others. We will explore the impact of creativity and innovation on our current world.

Living a Life of Balance

Work hard, play hard. Students will discover how to balance life responsibilities with having fun as well, so they can enjoy a well-balanced life.

Healthy Living (Mental, Emotional, and Physical Well-Being)

What good is success if you are unhealthy? We will explore methods to ensure students live a healthy lifestyle. Topics include: diet, exercise, abstinence, safe-sex, wrong thinking, drugs and alcohol, abuse (mental, physical, and sexual), competitive relationships, self-perception, and more.


Etiquette is designed to provide students with the tools needed to exhibit proper manners. Topics covered include: dining, dating, greeting, handshakes, introductions, etiquette in public places, conversations, and ways to express gratitude and appreciation.

Mastering Your Mentality

In this course, students will look at the importance of evaluating their thoughts. Students will learn how to redirect their thinking to thoughts, which are conducive for growth and success.


Self-Awareness is designed for students to identify their morals, values, and areas of opportunity. Students will engage in dialogue to examine their beliefs and how it correlates to the reason why they do or do not exhibit certain behaviors. This class is designed to help students gain clarity. We will take a look at how values impact decisions and future goals.

Embracing Individuality

Students are taught to embrace the uniqueness of who they are and not conform to the pressures of society to be someone other than who they were born to be. Students will explore how their individuality can make a difference.

Respecting Authority

Respecting authority is not always easy, but it is required. Students will explore why it is important to respect authority and the implications of disrespecting authority figures and others.

Exercising Your Right to Vote

In Exercising Your Right to Vote, students will engage in dialogue about the importance of voting and ensuring the candidate selected best aligns with their morals and beliefs.

Respect Yourself

In Respecting Yourself, students will examine how they contribute to respecting or disrespecting themselves. Students will discover how to respect themselves and require others to respect themselves as well.


Students will learn the principles for building a successful business.

Choosing a Life Partner

Choosing a Life Partner is one of the most important decisions a person will ever make. This course is designed to help students identify the qualities he or she should look for in a life partner. Students will also identify both their must-haves as well as their non-negotiables.

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